Write. Edit. Sleep. Repeat.


As nice as it would be to have our very own copy editor, most of us do not. If you’re really lucky, you have a good friend who you can entice with burgers or an I-O-U. For now, we must rely on ourselves and the best judgement be can muster after penning out a masterpiece.

Let’s face it. It’s rough ripping apart your own work. Sometimes, it’s weird just to see your thoughts strung into words for the world to see. Hopefully the tips below can help you take  a step back and edit your work as objectively as possible.

25 Editing Tips for Tightening your Copy

15 Copy Editing Tips that Can Transform Your Content into Persuasive and Shareable Works of Art

Top 10 Copy Editing Tips for Creatives

Copy Editing Tips & Tricks

27 Editing Tips: How to Make Your Web Copy More Engaging, Credible, and Persuasive

Tips on Tact and Tone

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